10 Most Popular Posts on the Conversion Conference Blog for 2013

December is here again, which means we’re near the closing of yet another year. top10

As our way of saying thanks, we’re giving you the ten 10 most popular posts on the Conversion Conference blog for 2013. Make sure to read them – we’re pretty sure you’ll find some good ideas for optimizing your website for the coming year.

5 Landing Page Laws to Boost Conversion

In this post, Clever Zebo founder Josh Krafchin shares the five laws for creating effective landing pages. While testing is the key for knowing what works for your customers, it doesn’t hurt to learn what’s the minimum required, right? At the very least you’ll have useful ideas on what elements to tweak on your landing pages.

Discover the psychological science of conversion

“The more you understand your customers’ brain, the more you will outperform any other specialist,” say Ton Wesseling and Bart Schutz of Online Dialogue. In this post, the dynamic duo introduces you to persuasion tactics derived from the discipline of psychology, specifically Self-Determination Theory.

Conversion Rate Optimization Maturity Model

Why are some companies getting solid results from conversion rate optimization while others are struggling to obtain even the smallest lift? Michal Parizek, Senior E-Commerce Specialist (Optimization) at Avast!, outlines the 7 key pillars of successful conversion rate optimization programs. In the process, he sheds light on the factors that lead to disparity in achievement across organizations and gives you an idea of how you too can achieve success in your optimization efforts.

3 LinkedIn Page Tips to Increase Conversion

If your LinkedIn company page is just sitting there and gathering dust, you might want to check out this post by Sierra Tierra Marketing founder Lisa Kalner-Williams. You’ll learn three simple ways to transform your un-optimized business page into a conversion machine.

The Biggest Mistake in Facebook Conversion Optimization

Let’s face it: most of us are not really sure we’re doing social media right. So knowing what NOT to do helps us find the way, right? If you find yourself nodding to this, then you’d want to read this post by Facebook expert Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, on the biggest mistake you could be doing while trying to optimize your social media channels for conversions.

Zero steps to copy that will make visitors stick

We all want persuasive landing pages. But we often overlook the importance of effective copy. We unwittingly kill the life out of the images that copywriters work hard to create for us by stamping out everything until what remains is bland, boring corporate speak. Good thing there’s The Conversion Scientist Brian Massey to set priorities right.

How Adaptation Can Turn Your Website Into a Money Machine

Justin Davis of Madera Labs wrote this piece in 2011 – that’s right, two years ago – to describe how retail giants like Amazon were using adaptation strategies to design more personalized, targeted and engaging user experiences. Today we call it personalization, and it’s one of the hottest industry trends. Check out Justin’s tips and learn why adaptation has increased in relevance for those who want to increase conversions and revenue from their digital marketing.

Three Marketing Tactics for Grabbing the Attention of the Emerging Apple Demographic

Apple users are apparently proving themselves to be really “different” not only in their brand choice but also in their spending habits. Hint: An overwhelming majority of mobile ecommerce sales were transacted on iOS, particularly iPads. This is great news for e-tailers, but only if they understood Apple users. SeeWhy’s Charles Nicholls shows three ways you can capture and persuade this unique demographic.

CRO: It’s not just about the tools, it’s about rhetoric

To convert someone, do you appeal to her logical side or the emotional one? When you think about it, conversion optimization all boils down to rhetoric: your ability convince someone to take action depends on how well you’re able to utilize the different appeals (logic, emotion, authority) in your design elements. So forget the flashy tools for a minute and check out Produxs’ Charlie Claxton’s musings on the role of rhetoric in CRO.

The new ABC’s of sales (oops, I mean conversion)

Some digital marketers who are still allergic to the word “sales” may have to face the fact that marketing is no longer just about “branding.” Today’s organizations expect measurable impact from marketing activities – and impact here is becoming closely intertwined with sales targets and goals. Fortunately, this post by Predicta co-founder Phillip Klein teaches digital marketers a way to see “conversions” as a specific stage in the sales cycle plus as well as some tips on how to translate the sales process into effective tactics for marketing optimization.

Enjoy reading and we hope to see you at a Conversion Conference next year!


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