11 Culprits of Poor Website Conversions

11 culprits of poor website conversions

You’ve got it going on with your keywords. You’re ranking high. The traffic is coming now. Web-a-palooza. Party time. Cha-chiiiiiing.

Not so fast Master Webmeister. It seems visitors are bugging out before they click a single thing.

This buzz-kill problem is called “bounce” in web speak. I call the culprits “website conversion killers.” You probably couldn’t care less who calls what what. It’s simply infuriating to see your incoming traffic come and go like lightning bugs.

First, Realize that getting found won’t get you far.

You want visitors to click and stick.

After being involved in the creation of websites since—well—since websites were created, I’ve come to recognize the website mistakes that discourage new business prospects from getting into the website or getting any closer to becoming a customer. I’ve written about them on our blog and also in an article at Convince and Convert, but now I’d like to present the ugly truth about the web’s leading conversion repellents in a new infographic.

I hope you like it and I hope you share it too.

Here it is.


A great big thank you to the talented designer Marco Giannini, whose work is showcased here at www.infograficanimata.it

Review the entire list and make sure your website has zero conversion repellents.

  • Define conversion
  • Make the website clean
  • Connect with keywords
  • Nix the jargon
  • Foster credibility
  • Offer helpful content
  • Inspire interaction
  • Embrace social media
  • Nurture
  • Make the site easy to search
  • Direct the visitor

*This post originally appeared on Feldman Creative.

About the Author

feldman-roundBarry Feldman is a content marketing consultant, copywriter and creative director with experience that predates AOL, Google and web-dot-anything. He’s been leading the creation of thousands of marketing programs for companies big and small for 25 years.

Barry blogs at many top online marketing websites and is a popular columnist. He’s often featured in interviews, webinars and industry best-of lists. Barry has been named a Top 40 Online Marketer by Online Marketing Institute, a Top 20 Content Marketing Leader by Onalytica and was included in LinkedIn’s Top 25 Social Media Marketers.

3 thoughts on “11 Culprits of Poor Website Conversions

  1. Well put Barry. You’re preaching to the choir with me… (Although I’m sure I’m guilty of many of those conversion killers.) I just did a post that touches on some similar issues. Check out the latest on the BrandInsightBlog.com.

  2. Great post… We have a search for our toll free numbers throughout our site, but nothing for searching site content – doh! It’s also been about a 5 year (and going) process to remove all of our industry jargon, so that the layman can understand what it is we’re offering!

    To chime in on increasing the credibility factor… having a phone number, even better a toll free number displayed prominently on the site creates instant trust and validity with the user.

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