2015’s Top 25 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

25 top cro experts

Our friends at Hanapin Marketing (PPC Hero) recently released the results of their poll on who’s who in the conversion rate optimization field. We were delighted to find familiar faces in the final result, notably Conversion Conference founder and chairperson Tim Ash and a bevy of experts who’ve spoken at a ConvCon event.

PPC Hero compiled the list of the Top 25 CRO experts by calculating Vote Totals, Social Impact, and Traditional Influence for every person included in their poll.

Here are the CRO experts who made it to the list:


The good news is that you can meet most of these CRO experts at Las Vegas next year. Rub shoulders and learn conversion rate optimization from Tim Ash, Karl Gillis, Oli Gardner, Michael Aagaard, Alex Harris, Chris Goward, Brian Massey, Justin Rondeau, Ton Wesseling, Joel Harvey, Bart Schutz, Sean Ellis, and more! Save your seat to Conversion Conference Las Vegas, May 17-19, 2016 now.

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