4 Steps to Persuade Your Boss to Send You to Conversion Conference Las Vegas 2017

You’re a smart, results-oriented marketer.

And you can’t wait to sign up for Conversion Conference Las Vegas 2017.

You can already imagine how attending the biggest conversion-focused event can help you get better at optimizing your company’s digital marketing efforts.

The problem is, how do you convince your boss that sending you to the conference will ALL be worth it?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

STEP 1. Show how your Conversion Conference ticket will eventually pay for itself.

If you want to persuade your boss, you need to understand that they’re big on ROI. Fortunately for you, Conversion Conference is the conference which pays for itself many times over! You just have to do some number crunching to show your boss how improving your web and marketing optimization skills will help in achieving the company’s short and long-term revenue and growth targets.

STEP 2. Map out your sessions based on your company/department’s most pressing challenges.

Is your company lagging behind competitors when it comes to user experience? Do you have a lot of shopping cart abandoners?

List down the sessions that would help you solve persistent problems so your boss knows that you really have the company’s best interests at heart.

STEP 3. Identify the people and companies you’re networking with and the potential benefit you’ll gain from making the connection.

With more than 700 digital marketers and conversion optimizers from all over the world in attendance, Conversion Conference is a great opportunity to form partnerships and collaborative projects.

Tell your boss who exactly you want to meet at the conference and what your plans are for maximizing the network you’ll be creating at the event. Chances are he won’t be able to say no to the potential doors you can open just by being at the conference.

STEP 4. Put everything from step 1-3 above into your request letter.

Is your boss the kind who wants everything written down on paper?

Well, we’ve prepared a template so it’s easier for you. Just fill in the blanks in the letter below and you are on your way…

You can download the MS Word version or cut and paste the text below:

Dear [Boss’ First Name],

I would like to attend Conversion Conference 2017. It takes place April 19-20, 2017 at The Rio in Las Vegas, NV. I have reviewed the agenda as well as the list of exhibiting companies and feel that the return on the investment would be a major benefit as the event aligns directly to our priorities:

[insert your priorities here]

Conversion Conference (CC) is the original and only full-industry event and covers all aspects of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) including split testing, direct response copywriting, user experience, visual design, creating content that converts, personalization, and mobile conversion.

This year’s only US event will have over 750 attendees from dozens of countries. I will have the opportunity to network with my peers from across the globe in order to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned during the conference days that offer over 36 break-out sessions and 3 keynotes.

I believe that my attendance will make a lot of money for the company. After I get back, I will share key learnings and insights with the rest of our team.

I am especially interested in these session topics that are relevant to our company’s situation:

            [Session topic 1]
            [Session topic 2]
            [Session topic 3]

I can arrange for others to cover my responsibilities during the days I am attending the conference. Additionally, if we decide to send a team to the event (since there are four parallel tracks of solid info), we can save by taking advantage of group rates.

Here is a complete breakdown of the anticipated conference costs:

  • Airfare:   $________
  • Transportation: $________
  • Hotel: $________
  • Meals: $________      (breakfasts & lunches are included in conference fee)
  • Conference Fee: $________
  • TOTAL: $________

I hope you agree that sending me will be a big payoff for us!

Since last year’s event sold out, so I would like to chat about it soon.

Thanks for your consideration,

[Your Name]

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