4 Wicked Posts to Ward Off Conversion Monsters and Killers This Halloween


It’s Halloween.

Beware the creatures of the night emerging from the darkness…of your website and landing pages! The witches, ghouls, and bogeymen that’ll surely ruin your well-laid plans for trick-or-treating with online visitors and potential customers.

But don’t fret ‘coz we’ve got a treat for you: four Halloween-inspired posts to help you fight the malevolent forces that are putting your conversions at risk. Read up and learn how you can keep your website free from conversio
n-slashers this witching season.

4 Tricks to Scare Your Visitors Away – And How to Avoid Them

What better time to check if there are [conversion] killers lurking in the nooks and crannies of your web pages than Halloween? In this post, SiteTuners casts light on the four things that are scaring away your visitors and causing that ghastly conversion rate. Don’t worry; you’ll also learn some spells and magic potions to keep these evil elements away.


The Top 9 Website Redesign Nightmares Infographic

Speaking of conversion killers, you’d also want to get to know the depraved creatures that can sabotage your website redesign efforts. Check out WiderFunnel’s infographic showing the stuff that makes up digital marketers’ worst nightmares when they’re trying to build a conversion-focused website.


It’s Easy To Promise The Impossible (Lessons from Frankenweenie)

There are horrifying landing pages – you know, the ones that frighten you into hitting the back button instantly. Then there’s the more insidious kind: the page that has an eerie feel to it, something which feels unsettling to the visitor. Like a creepy offer. This post on Crazyegg will tell you if your landing page is spooking away potential customers with implausible promises.


Amazon Can Predict Your Halloween Costume

Ever wonder how Amazon.com carves out monster profits during the fright season (and beyond)? It’s because Amazon’s website has wicked psychic powers! How else do you explain the uncanny ability to predict what costume Robert Brady was trying for, based on just 1 item in his cart? Read the full post to learn more about Amazon’s powers.

Hopefully these articles have given you ideas on offering treats instead of spooky tricks to your online visitors. Have fun reading and Happy Halloween!


Image Credit: Due.Chiacchiere on Flickr



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