8 Qualities of Successful Conversion Rate Optimizers

One of the highlights of Conversion Conference Las Vegas 2015 was Closed Loop CEO Lance Loveday’s keynote presentation. Lance shared the results of a study on the qualities shared by the most successful conversion rate optimizers.

Lance’s keynote shed light on the cognitive style, personality, and motivations that differentiate the CRO masters from the rest. Here are the eight qualities that have allowed some optimizers to emerge as the best in what they do:


Enchanter – CRO masters are passionate and authentic, and these are reflected in their interactions with people. They are great communicators.

Adventurer – CRO masters are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones. In fact, they get bored with routine and purposefully seek out challenges.

Humanitarian – CRO masters sense a larger meaning for their work. They want to make the interwebs – and the world– a better place by fixing marketing experiences.

Questioner – CRO masters have a deep curiosity. They put value more in learning over winning, and are unattached to the test outcome.

Devourer – CRO masters don’t rely on any single input. They voraciously consume ideas for the sake of advancing the discipline.

Conqueror – CRO masters are self-learners. They focus on improving themselves and pursue things with passion. They are doers – and when they do something they do it well.

Architect – CRO masters can connect the dots. They can synthesize information from different disciplines and apply these successfully to what they do.

Empowerer – CRO masters lift those around them up. They help others realize their potential and become the best they can be.

So how many of these qualities do you think you have? Don’t worry, though, it isn’t too late to develop some or even all of these in you. As Lance says, “It’s the journey that matters. Mastery is the side effect.”


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