Get Unstuck with Content Marketing ROI Measurement

Measuring return on investment (ROI) is a crucial part of any marketing initiative, but has become increasingly difficult in the age of online marketing. While measuring the return on certain types of marketing campaigns in terms of dollars and cents is seemingly simple, measuring content marketing ROI is not so cut and dry. I wrote […]

Get More Visitors with These Data-Driven Content Strategies (Part 2)

In part I of my four-part series about creating high-traffic, data-driven content, I discussed determining customer life-cycle stages, curating content, identifying voice and creating the right content for your audience. In this segment, we’ll take a look at creating content surrounding trends and events. STRATEGY #2: Create Data-Driven Trend & Event Related Content The second strategy for […]

4 Copy Habits That Are Killing Your Conversions

Everyone has met someone like this before – nice people who have the best intentions, but somehow end up saying something stupid. Not stupid in an intellectual sense, but stupid in a trip-over-their-own-feet inappropriate way. Most of the time these folks don’t realize they’re alienating the people around them. Since websites are created by people, […]