Session Preview: Marketing Apps – The Next Must-have Weapon in Your Conversion Arsenal with Mary D’Alatri-Ward

We digital marketers have been through a lot in these last few years. We’ve had to cope with rapid changes in the socio-cultural and technological landscape: the increasing ordinary-ness of mobile and social, and the changing habits, whims, and values of an always-on, always-connected consumer. And yet, our basic problem as marketers remains the same: […]

Marketing Apps: Because There are NO MORE LANDING PAGES!

By Mary D’Alatri-Ward VP of Accounts, ion interactive Let me first begin by acknowledging the fact that the idea of “no more landing pages” is somewhat radical. Particularly for my audience of conversion optimization experts, people who have presumably staked the success of their careers upon the success of their landing pages. I’m staking my success […]

How to Accelerate Your Business with Content Marketing

By Arnie Kuenn President, Vertical Measures   If your business has been stalling right along with the economy, you might get a much-needed boost from content marketing. Content marketing is the creation, sharing, and distribution of information that’s relevant to customers you want to attract, engage and retain.  Content can be informational, educational, promotional, or […]

Common struggles and marketing challenges from Dreamforce 2011

This past week, I was visiting San Francisco to speak at Dreamforce 2011 and support HubSpot’s marketing campaigns there. While I was there, I had many opportunities to speak with marketers from different organizations and learn about their struggles and marketing challenges. Of course, I was also able to offer them suggestions on how to […]

Social Media ROI – Simple Question, Complex Answer

By Justin Rondeau Director of Marketing, TemplateZone Last time I spoke at the Conversion Conference, I was in the camp of ‘If you are asking what the ROI of social media is, then you are asking the wrong question’.? Obviously this was not a particularly popular stance, being among some of the top eMetric and […]