Social Media ROI – Simple Question, Complex Answer

By Justin Rondeau Director of Marketing, TemplateZone Last time I spoke at the Conversion Conference, I was in the camp of ‘If you are asking what the ROI of social media is, then you are asking the wrong question’.? Obviously this was not a particularly popular stance, being among some of the top eMetric and […]

QR Code Conversion Optimization

By Todd Barrs Sr. Manager, Website Optimization at Webroot Software & Founder of QR codes (quick response codes) are a great way to quickly move potential customers from the offline world to the online world where we have far more ability to track and provide a targeted and relevant user experience. Unfortunately, many QR […]

Beyond the Click: Online Experience Streams

by Patrick Bultema, CodeBaby Much of the focus on optimizing website results has been around “clicks.” For instance, we’ve focused on how to make a landing page more effective at getting a visitor to click on the desired button, to get that crucial first click. Similarly, we’ve focused on how to make an eCommerce page […]

Start a Conversion Optimization Conversation

By Todd Barrs, Webroot Software & VisitorCentric It is old news that communication is critical in nearly every facet of business, and conversion optimization is certainly no exception. Conversion optimization, by nature, requires interdepartmental coordination to ensure strategic alignment with an organization’s overall vision and marketing efforts. Failure to communicate leads to divided efforts, mismatched […]