Common struggles and marketing challenges from Dreamforce 2011

This past week, I was visiting San Francisco to speak at Dreamforce 2011 and support HubSpot’s marketing campaigns there. While I was there, I had many opportunities to speak with marketers from different organizations and learn about their struggles and marketing challenges. Of course, I was also able to offer them suggestions on how to […]

Social Media ROI – Simple Question, Complex Answer

By Justin Rondeau Director of Marketing, TemplateZone Last time I spoke at the Conversion Conference, I was in the camp of ‘If you are asking what the ROI of social media is, then you are asking the wrong question’.? Obviously this was not a particularly popular stance, being among some of the top eMetric and […]

QR Code Conversion Optimization

By Todd Barrs Sr. Manager, Website Optimization at Webroot Software & Founder of QR codes (quick response codes) are a great way to quickly move potential customers from the offline world to the online world where we have far more ability to track and provide a targeted and relevant user experience. Unfortunately, many QR […]

Beyond the Click: Online Experience Streams

by Patrick Bultema, CodeBaby Much of the focus on optimizing website results has been around “clicks.” For instance, we’ve focused on how to make a landing page more effective at getting a visitor to click on the desired button, to get that crucial first click. Similarly, we’ve focused on how to make an eCommerce page […]