How to Use Cialdini’s 7th Principle of Influence to Prime Web Visitors for Conversion

Social psychologist Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, is well-known among digital marketers for his six persuasion principles. Recently, Dr. Cialdini published Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, where he adds the 7th dimension to persuasion: Unity. Here, Cialdini points to the power of a shared identity in influencing people. […]

9 Ways to Design Your Website According to How the Brain Works

A lot of marketers ask: How do you get people to take action on your offer? The answer: design your website and offers based on how their brains operate. Get people to take action – design your website based on how the brain operates. #cro #persuasion Click To Tweet However, most marketers are still targeting the wrong side […]

Cognitive Dissonance and Persuasion

 “When we do something that is not in line with our beliefs, we change our beliefs” When there’s a mismatch between our beliefs and behavior we experience what Leon Festinger calls a ‘cognitive dissonance’. And we have a strong motivational drive to reduce this dissonance. We can’t change the displayed behavior anymore, but we can […]

Must-Attend Sessions for Designing Persuasive Web Sites

Conversion Conference Las Vegas kicks off next week! To continue our mission of helping you get the most out of your stay, we’re back with another list of must-attend sessions. Since it’s Star Wars Day, we picked out presentations where you can learn essential skills for any serious conversion Padawan: Jedi tricks for persuading web visitors and […]