The speakers want to hear your questions…

We have been having a lot of fun with our Speaker Q&A sessions but thought we would change it up a bit. This time the questions will be coming from you, the Conversion Conference East Attendees. So if you’ve got a burning question that can’t wait until October to get answered, send an email to […]

Social Media ROI – Simple Question, Complex Answer

By Justin Rondeau Director of Marketing, TemplateZone Last time I spoke at the Conversion Conference, I was in the camp of ‘If you are asking what the ROI of social media is, then you are asking the wrong question’.? Obviously this was not a particularly popular stance, being among some of the top eMetric and […]

Persona-Driven Landing Page Design

By Brian Lewis Acting Director of Optimization, SiteTuners Despite their well-meaning intentions, a lot of online marketers are burning precious marketing dollars every day. And the number one reason they’re wasting money is their ineffective landing pages. Why do so many marketers continually fail to design web pages that improve conversion? It’s because of what […]