5 Ways Web Design Fads Kill Usability and Conversions

Are you easily impressed by shiny, new toys? Most digital marketers are and you can hardly blame them. Facing mounting pressure to get immediate results from their marketing activities, a lot of digital marketers are often compelled to hop in on the bandwagon of “hot trends” in the quest for effective strategies. Unfortunately, most of […]

“What about me?”

  By Charlie Claxton VP of Creative Strategy, Produxs I can think of few audiences more reliably self-centered than website visitors.  People have infinite great choices about where they spend their time online these days, and I can think of very few situations in life where the demanding “What about me?” question is asked so quickly. […]

Enhance Website Usability with Basic Design & Copy Principles

By Mike Perla Director of Conversion Optimization & Creative, Fathom Online Marketing   When it comes to converting visitors, addressing usability issues – or “friction” – should frequently be your first step.  No matter how compelling your business offer, you will certainly lose conversions if visitors have difficulty absorbing your content or determining what step […]