5 Ways Web Design Fads Kill Usability and Conversions

Are you easily impressed by shiny, new toys? Most digital marketers are and you can hardly blame them. Facing mounting pressure to get immediate results from their marketing activities, a lot of digital marketers are often compelled to hop in on the bandwagon of “hot trends” in the quest for effective strategies. Unfortunately, most of […]

10 Detours to 7 Dead Ends On Your Website

There’s a report in your Analytics called ‘User Flow.’ It’s a beautiful, but difficult report to read. It combines a lot of data, showing how visitors move throughout your site. Honestly, I’ve never really gotten actionable insights from this report, but there’s one part of this report that has taught me a lot: the name, […]

There’s No Place Like Home

By Brian Lewis, Director of Optimization, SiteTuners   Many times the name we call something greatly affects our attitudes about that something. Take the term “home page”, for instance. In the context of the web, we all know that our home page is where most of our visitors will first meet us, experience our brand […]

Flash Home Pages – A Really Bad Idea (Did your Agency recommend one?)

By Raquel Hirsch President, Co-founder WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization Ordinarily, I don’t advise paying much attention to Conversion Optimization tips because “best practices” and “tips” only have limited value — and should always be tested, in each and every particular situation.These little gems of highly priced advice from consultants are often based on intuition and esthetics […]