Conversion Conference West 2012 San Francisco Highlights

attendees at Conversion Conference West 2012 San FranciscoWe’re back after an awesome and fun-filled week!

We are happy to report that Conversion Conference West 2012 was a huge success with more attendees than our two previous San Francisco conferences. We were thrilled to have met first-timers and to reconnect with Conversion Conference veterans – thank you, folks, for joining us and making the conference an amazing event.

Unsurprisingly, among the most exciting parts of the conference were the keynote presentations by BJ Fogg, Jared Spool, Steve Krug, and Roger Dooley. Each keynote was packed with relevant yet simple information which could be applied by anyone serious enough to implement usability, user experience, and conversion improvements. Case in point: Roger Dooley tells attendees to use simple fonts and language in order to decrease the perceived effort required for accomplishing certain tasks. Or how about Steve Krug’s advice to implement user testing since website owners and designers are the worst judges when it comes to the usability of their own websites?

Most of the session rooms were jampacked, too, as speakers delivered practical insights to an engaged audience. Here are some of the attendees’ reactions to the speakers’ live presentations at Conversion Conference West 2012 (via twitter):

@NextJenComms: Note: @bmassey took 7 mins to explain something that took my Johns Hopkins prof 1.5 hours. AND he was funnier. #convcon

Enjoying great ideas from @ArnieK on 9 Content Ideas to Grow Your Business during #ConvCon. Stats show why these ideas work!

@ion_poodle: Big ideas from Big Giant Conversions: Simple, Iterative & Fast landing page creation and testing. #ConvCon

And who can forget the Live Website Critiques where Tim Ash, Chris Goward, and Sandra Niehaus picked apart participating websites and gave their honest view of the conversion potential of specific landing pages? Check out video clips of the powerhouse trio while they scrutinize,, and other websites!

If you missed Conversion Conference West in San Francisco, you can check out some of these resources for takeaways and tips:

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Live tweets from attendees and speakers during the conference

You can also check out pictures of Conversion Conference West 2012 on our facebook page – and tag yourself while you’re at it 😉

We know it’s probably too early for most of you, but if you’re planning to join us at Chicago for Conversion Conference East 2012 on June 25-26, then register before Friday, March 16 to grab a SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT. You’re going anyway, so why not score some savings along the way?


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