Earn Higher Commission When you Sign Up for Conversion Conference’s Affiliate Program via ShareASale

Great news for affiliates: we’ve enhanced our affiliate program to let you earn more from your promotional efforts. Under the new scheme, you’ll earn a 15 percent commission on every registration that you generate from your banner ads, newsletters, blogs, and other channels. We’re implementing this new payout structure via the ShareASale network, which also fully automates the entire process. By doing this, we hope to make being an affiliate a fast and hassle-free experience.

In order to enjoy the benefits of this new program, existing and new affiliates should have a ShareASale account (or sign up for one) as everything will be done via the network, from the distribution of promotional assets to the disbursal of payments. On the other hand, you’d be happy to know that ShareASale will also allow you to track your performance as a Conversion Conference affiliate in real-time. It will also enable you to monitor your commissions generated so far and gain greater control over payouts.

Important note for existing affiliates: Any registrations you’ve generated to this point will be paid under the previous structure and only those registrations that have been generated through Shareasale will be eligible for the higher commission rate.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up as one of our performance marketers and earn extra cash now!

P.S. If you prefer the old-school way of being our affiliate or wish to become more of a partner, sponsor, or friend to Conversion Conference, visit http://conversionconference.com or email us for more information.

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