What Are the 6 Best Social Media Channels For Your Company?

Image Credit: HowToStartABlogOnline.net If you’re a social media late-comer, you’ve been missing out a lot. Social media has rapidly grown into an important channel for digital marketers, complementing and boosting their owned channels. Today’s customers are not only using social media sites to connect with and interact with their family and friends. They’re increasingly using it […]

How to Design an Effective Mobile Website That Converts

Mobile may be the new normal, but it’s still not converting well. And it’s largely because majority of mobile sites don’t inspire enough confidence in their users. Suffice it to say that in the rush to jump into the mobile bandwagon, a lot of companies either simply miniaturized their desktop sites or turned to responsive […]

5 Most Important Skills You Need to Succeed As a Conversion Optimizer

Do you want to become a conversion optimizer? Great news: Conversion optimizers are in high demand. Since conversion rate optimization (CRO) became well-known, it has become the fastest-growing disciplines in the digital marketing industry. Companies now have job descriptions, in-house teams, and even C-level positions dedicated solely for optimizing conversions from their online activities. That’s […]

9 Ways to Design Your Website According to How the Brain Works

A lot of marketers ask: How do you get people to take action on your offer? The answer: design your website and offers based on how their brains operate. Get people to take action – design your website based on how the brain operates. #cro #persuasion Click To Tweet However, most marketers are still targeting the wrong side […]

Do You Have a One-Track Mind for CRO Events?

Hi, Tim Ash here! As the founder and chairperson of Conversion Conference I have been watching our industry develop for a long time. Great news – there is more and more interest in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and new events are popping up from agencies and vendors in our industry! Bad news – most of […]

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