WANTED: Conversion Rate Optimization Rockstars to Speak at Conversion Conference East Florida

Conversion Conference is a two-day event that focuses exclusively on strategies and tactics for improving website and online campaign effectiveness. We are now accepting proposals from qualified speakers for our Ft Lauderdale event in October, 2012.

Deadline: Monday, July 9th

If you have a targeted, innovative proposal on the topics below, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Website usability & design
  • Split and Multivariate testing
  • Neuromarketing/psychology/persuasion
  • Personalization/ehavioural targeting
  • Specific conversion strategies for email, mobile and social
  • Optimization tools and techniques
  • Specific conversion strategies for email, mobile and social

Case studies, innovative concepts and best practices pertaining to website conversion improvement are all welcome. Conversion Conference attendees represent B2B as well as ecommerce and B2C organizations.

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