Why I want to go to Conversion Conference Chicago

By Nancy Harhut
Chief Creative Officer, Wilde Agency

Wow! This year’s Conversion Conference in Chicago really has it going on! Two killer keynotes – Tim Ash on Understanding the Brain’s Need for Novelty and Shortcuts and Amy Africa on Power Selling – Absolutely Essential Tips for Moving Visitors to Action.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear both of these gurus speak before and they are awesome.  Can’t wait to hear what else they have to say.

In fact, Ash’s topic touches on subject matter that is woven through several sessions that I’m so curious to hear. Philip Klien is channeling Cialdini, whose books about influence and persuasion are my bible these days. They are just so smart.  I really want to hear how using his persuasion techniques increased click to cart by 40%. John Lawson is addressing the Influence and Authority aspects of persuasion. Very interested to hear his examples. And Jim Hudson has a PayPal case study of the power of psychology when it comes to increasing conversion, which I bet is going to be terrific, too.

It’s exciting to see solid proof points from others who have discovered their power.

Wilde Agency, which employs me as Chief Creative Officer, specializes in combing offline and online direct marketing best practices with the science of human behavior, so I know first hand how incredibly effective these social science techniques are.  It’s exciting to see solid proof points from others who have discovered their power.  In some respects the internet is the made to order medium for these persuasion triggers, although at Wilde Agency we’ve had great success employing them in print as well.

And while I am extremely interested in this topic, I have to say it looks as if these speakers will be in excellent company. Brian Massey’s killer copy session and Susan Weinschenk’s top 10 things every designer needs to know about people sound like must-attends, too (which may be difficult for me if Weinschenk and Klien are in fact occupying the same time slot!)

So much great information to be had!


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