6 Ways to Get Your Boss to Send You to Conversion Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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The hardest part in Conversion Rate Optimization? Converting your boss...

We know how it feels when you’re dying to attend an industry event but cringe at the prospect of selling the idea to your boss. So with just a few days left till our Early Bird deadline, we’ve compiled six of the most effective ways to help you get the confidence to finally ask your boss to send you to the Sunshine State this October:

1. Assuage your boss’ doubts on the ROI of the conference.

Even before your boss starts calculating the financial cost, you’re likely to encounter objections on whether your TIME spent at the conference – away from your workplace – will be of value to the organization. So find out what your company’s current priorities are and show him/her how your participation at Conversion Conference aligns with these priorities. List down the sessions you plan to attend–as well as the skills, knowledge, and ideas you will gain–to help your superiors get a concrete grasp of the invaluable contribution you can make to specific company goals or projects after the conference.  Better yet, show your boss the full Conversion Conference Fort Lauderdale agenda. Now watch the amazing speaker line-up and topics hypnotize him/her into saying “Yes!”

2. Emphasize the value of industry networks.

Chances are, your boss/es do know how beneficial conferences are (especially one that’s focused on digital marketing strategies) to the company. But it won’t hurt to remind him/her/them that industry events are one of the best ways to generate new business and form strategic alliances. Besides, Conversion Conference is where elite marketers converge and your company should be seen there. (Don’t worry, you’re not making that one up).

3. Let your boss know of your plan to maximize takeaways. You have one, don’t you?

With 30 breakout sessions covering analytics, testing, landing page optimization, user experience, usability, content marketing, and other disciplines relevant to increasing conversions, you should have little difficulty planning out ways to maximize your time at the conference. These could include knowledge transfer through sharing what you learned or training others in your team or creating great content from your experiences for your company blog.

4. Subtly play up your boss’ deep-seated fear of loss.

Show your boss that by letting opportunities for learning and networking pass you by, he/she could be giving up lunch to competitors without a fight. Arm yourself with sound and valid data, though, to back up your claims. If you can successfully show that your company’s bottomline is endangered by competitors’ more sophisticated weapons arsenal (ie. latest conversion rate optimization strategies), then your boss may very well sponsor not just you but your entire team. If you plan on using this tip, check out Conversion Conference keynote speaker Brian Massey’s advice on using a villain to get a project approved.

5. Appeal to your boss’ desire for world domination.

Not every boss will appreciate feeling like their company is an underdog. And if you work at an industry giant it only makes sense that you stoke your boss’ desire for more revenue. In this case, tell him that you want to be at Conversion Conference to sharpen the company’s claws and fangs – the better to slice, dice and chew your challengers (don’t forget to practice on your evil laugh for this part).

6. Demonstrate your commitment to keeping costs down.

If you fear your boss will wince when he/she sees your budget proposal, then make sure to present ideas for saving on your pass, transportation, and lodging. Take advantage of early bird rates, ask about group rates, and make arrangements to share a room with a fellow attendee to minimize expenses. For transportation and lodging, do some research and compare flight rates across different websites – you may be surprised by the savings you can get by comparing and booking your travel or room early.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, take that bold step and ask your boss – he/she won’t bite! Don’t forget to let us know which tactic worked for you or if you have tried-and-tested tips you’d like to add 🙂

P.S. Early Bird rates to Conversion Conference Fort Lauderdale will end by midnight of Friday next week (Sept. 7) so better go try these tips and register soon!

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