4 Ways Marketers Fail at Using UTM Codes

The only way for us marketers to run more successful campaigns is to track what works and what doesn’t. Without proper tracking in place, we’re basically driving with our hands over our eyes, hoping it’ll all work out. One of the ways that marketers track the success of their campaigns is with UTM tags, which allow you to append […]

4 Ways To Use Site Search Data to Read Visitors’ Minds

For the most part, people think of Google Analytics as a quantitative tool that only tells you what has happened on your site, but not why.  And that’s mostly true.  Google Analytics can give you clues to things like why visitors are not converting by looking at things like landing pages with high Bounce Rates or creating segments that […]

Where Is Your Ecommerce Site Hurting the Most?

where is your ecommerce site hurting copy

Optimizing your E-commerce web site is no small feat. So you better start in the right place. Too often we run into E-commerce teams that have fallen into the habit of “shotgun AB-testing”, they spray AB-test all over the place with no clear idea of how to prioritize their testing. Our E-commerce Effectiveness analysis will […]