There’s No Place Like Home

By Brian Lewis, Director of Optimization, SiteTuners   Many times the name we call something greatly affects our attitudes about that something. Take the term “home page”, for instance. In the context of the web, we all know that our home page is where most of our visitors will first meet us, experience our brand […]

Attribution is the Mother of Conversion

By Jeff Eckman CEO, Big Giant Conversions   “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I just don’t know which half.” —John Wanamaker, 1838 to 1922*   Thanks to modern marketing technology and the commercialization of the internet, we now have the tools to know which half of John Wanamaker’s […]

How to Accelerate Your Business with Content Marketing

By Arnie Kuenn President, Vertical Measures   If your business has been stalling right along with the economy, you might get a much-needed boost from content marketing. Content marketing is the creation, sharing, and distribution of information that’s relevant to customers you want to attract, engage and retain.  Content can be informational, educational, promotional, or […]

2 Powerful Tactics to Increase Conversion and Drive Online Results

By Joe Rawlinson Senior e-Commerce Product Manager & Strategist, National Instruments How to Use Defaults to Drive Results We take recommendations all the time in our daily lives. You take the concierge’s recommendation when you go to the restaurant he mentions. You take your server’s recommendation at the restaurant when you order her suggested meal. […]