What User Experience Is About: The Pursuit of the Perfect Gift

“What’s essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery As designers and creatives, a great deal of our work is done behind-the-scenes, invisible to the outside eye. Countless hours are dedicated to brainstorming, conducting research, collecting data, nurturing big ideas, using your imagination and discussing endless possibilities – all in the […]

Does Your User Experience Build Trust?

When it comes to real estate, they say the thing that matters most is location, location, location. Similarly, when it comes to online influence, your user experience must foster trust, trust, trust. Winning online trust will take you down the road to success. Losing online trust can completely undermine everything you do. In a previous […]

Why You Should Invest in UX Design Now

Is your solution to increasing your sales based on attracting more visitors to your site rather than getting more sales from the visitors you do attract? Brands and businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on SEO, PPC, etc., all to get more people to their site. Yet, they only make a token […]