Conversion Hacks, CRO Tools + More: New Sessions Added to Vegas Agenda

Conversion Conference chair Tim Ash reached out to his network to find out what people really wanted to see at this year’s ConvCon in Las Vegas. Happily, many of the suggestions were things that are already well covered on the agenda – mobile optimization, cross-device tracking, and personalization were among the top mentions that are locked and loaded. But there were some compelling ideas that prompted us to do some last-minute adjustments, and we’re pleased to announce these new additions to our already amazing two-day lineup.

CRO 101: This is How it All Starts

Dan McGaw, Effin Amazing

Speaker Dan McGaw, the former director of marketing at KISSmetrics, is a serial entrepreneur and one of the original growth hackers. He knows how to kick start a conversion rate optimization program from the earliest stages, and breaks down the finest details step-by-step in this entry-level session. If you’re just getting started and can’t figure how and where to begin, this session is for you. Dan will give you a list of tools you should start with, help you set up your analytics/tracking, identify optimization opportunities that will give you the biggest gains, provide an overview of testing techniques and how to determine the best one for the job, and show you examples of how he has applied these principles in real business environments.

22 Copy & Paste Conversion Hacks From 3,000 Split Tests To Make You Look Like A CRO Rockstar Even if You Don’t Have the Traffic or Money to Test

Roland Frasier, Digital Marketer

Want to dramatically increase conversions across your entire marketing funnel, from first impression all the way to your order form? Wish you could boost CTR on your ads and get more opens and clicks from your emails? How about adding one little tweak to your existing funnel pages that can double your average immediate order value? The Digital Marketer team has spent over $15 million running more than 3,000 A/B and Multi-Variant tests across 73 different marketing funnels in 26 different industries, and boy did they learn a lot. In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn the 22 best ways to increase conversions across your entire funnel, lower your ad costs and increase your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by copying these conversion hacks and applying them to your business. Best of all, these hacks are simple, easy to implement, and you can start seeing the benefit the same day you put them to work for you. Oh, and by the way… these work in B2C and B2B and both service based and product based businesses.

Panel Discussion: 25 CRO Tools You Can’t Live Without

Join conference chair Tim Ash and his guests Lance Loveday, Angie Schottmuller, Joel Harvey and Theresa Baiocco as they each share five of their favorite “secret weapons” that they find indispensable to their optimization efforts. More than just a discussion of testing tools, this session will cover technology that supports planning, website design, copywriting, visual analysis, usability, accessibility, and much much more. Find out what some of the most successful optimizers rely on daily to get the job done.

Choose Your Words Wisely: Mastering the Language of Conversion

Mike Roberts, SpyFu

The simplest punctuation mark or phrase can change how audiences respond to your copy. There’s a proven language of conversion, and the words you use affect whether or not customers buy. You’ll learn what works even better than “free,” what audiences really think about exclamation points, and how building urgency can backfire if not done right. Studying millions of PPC ads over years tells us that some words convert better than their counterparts. In this presentation you will learn specific call-to-action phrases to use in your ads, social media, white papers and articles – and which commonly used words you should avoid. Expect to leave with new ideas that work in any industry and both B2B and B2C environments.

Check out the full agenda here.

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