Conversion Optimization for the Real World

By Jenny Halasz
President, JLH Marketing, Inc.


Conversion Conference is coming up in October and I’m excited to be speaking. I’m also planning to attend a lot of sessions and hoping to get the answers I need to those burning questions like how to properly use slides on a homepage, and what color should my buttons really be – is “Volt-colored” the new Kelly green? But my presentation will seek to answer the most burning question of all…

How am I supposed to make time for user experience and landing page optimization when I’m trying to run a business?

This is probably the biggest challenge of all, and it’s an important one. If you’re a multi-national corporation with 147 offices and an entire team dedicated to web user experience, then there’s no question. But what if you’re a small to mid-size business who is just trying to turn a profit in a damaged economy?

The truth is, you may not have the resources necessary for A/B and multivariate testing. You may have a developer who is so overloaded with other projects that he will push back on changing a button color. You might even be so financially strapped that you can’t put together a focus group. Landing Pages for the Real World will show you how, with a little bit of intuition and instinct, along with a set of best practices, you can make changes that will have immediate impact.

I’ll be honest with you. After you attend the Conversion Conference, you’re going to leave overwhelmed, with a list of things that all seem like they need to be implemented immediately, and you’re still going to be wondering how to prioritize them and how to devote time and resources to them. The goal of my session will be to show you how, armed with all of these lists and ideas, you can assimilate them into your brains and apply that knowledge to your site – at any time – not just in the days immediately after the conference.

So come, listen, and make lists. But be sure to stop at some point and think about the theory behind user experience so that you can apply all those notes whenever you’re able to make time for them.

And stop worrying about what color your buttons are.

About the Author

Jenny Halasz is the owner of JLH Marketing, Inc., a consultancy that specializes in search strategy, with an emphasis on intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition. She is knowledgeable in all areas of online marketing and has worked with dozens of blue chip clients as well as small enterprises and startups.

With experience in SEO and PPC, social marketing, usability, conversion optimization, affiliate marketing, and analytics, Halasz understands the big picture of any client’s marketing needs. She develops cohesive strategies based on data points and client priorities across all aspects of a client’s business.

See Jenny Live!

Jenny is sharing techniques for making great landing pages that are ideal for small businesses or sole proprietors at Conversion Conference Fort Lauderdale 2012 on October 9th and 10th in Florida. Join her in her session on “Landing Pages for the Real World.” See the full agenda or read more about this session. You can also follow Jenny on Twitter for some pre-conference networking.

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4 thoughts on “Conversion Optimization for the Real World

  1. Hi James – no worries, we’re sure it won’t be long till we have one in Australia. And we’ll definitely give you a shout out when it’s in the works!

  2. Hi James – no worries, we’re sure it won’t be long till we have one in Australia. And we’ll definitely give you a shout out when it’s in the works!

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