ConversionIQ’s Keith Hagen on the Biggest CRO Challenge and His Take on Testing Button Colors

Editor’s Note: With Conversion Conference Chicago just around the corner, we thought it’s about time you get to know more about our speakers. From this day until the conference, we’ll be featuring a speaker and their answers to conversion and event-related questions.

You can join in and engage our speakers in pre-conference networking by sending in your own questions through email, Twitter, or our Facebook Wall. Big thanks to @In4mationHQ and @gtslawfirm for sending in their question (see question no. 2). Just like them, you too can have your burning questions for our speakers answered and featured here!


It’s Friday, folks! Time to make your plans to meet Keith Hagen!

You read that right – before you start thinking about your weekend plans, here’s someone you should be planning to meet at Conversion Conference Chicago less than three weeks from now: Keith Hagen, Revenue Engineer & Co-Founder of ConversionIQ.

Why? Because Keith is not only brilliant when it comes to website conversion optimization, he’s one of the most genuinely sincere and principled folks you’ll ever meet. Case in point: Keith “will not talk about trendy, “hot” topics like how to leverage Twitter, unless it offers real value, and I can show exactly how it can be done.” So when it comes to optimizing websites, you can trust Keith not to offer advice just because it sounds sexy, but because he’s tested it and it works.

Read on to find out Keith’s answers to our burning questions:

1) What do you think is the biggest challenge encountered by folks who are new to conversion rate optimization?

I think it is getting into the heads of their customers and looking at a site from the user’s perspective.  This gets harder and harder to do the closer you get to a site.

2) What’s your favorite color for encouraging conversion? Why?***

We’ve have never seen a lift from a colour, but rather it appears that contrast is more of a factor in increasing conversion rate.  Colour of course is a factor in contrast, but which button colours is something I doubt we’ll ever test (in fact, a little piece of me dies when I think of it).

3) Which speaker(s) are you most excited to hear, beside yourself, at Conversion Conference Chicago?

Amy Africa.  She’s electric.  Her ability to convey her deep understanding of CRO is astounding (I wonder sometimes if anyone else realizes how much of a genius she is besides me?).

4) What’s your favorite Chicago hangout? Why?

Being from Nova Scotia, Chicago isn’t a place I get to stomp around a lot, but the last time I was there we ate at the top of the Hancock building and loved the views.

Got a question for Keith that can’t wait till the Conference? Post it on the comments section below, tweet it to us, or post it on our wall and we’ll make sure he gets it.


About Keith

Keith gains insight into what is and isn’t working with a website, and provides companies with continuous recommendations to improve it. Through these continuous improvements, clients get websites and apps that function and sell a lot more stuff.

Following his post-graduate studies, Keith moved from his native Nova Scotia, Canada to Colorado to work as a Internet programmer, and then onto the business side of online. In the corporate world, Keith drove the improvements of over 30 websites (eCommerce & B2B) before co-founding ConversionIQ and leading its website conversion optimization programs.

See Keith Live!

Keith will be talking about gaining quality insights from testing at Conversion Conference 2012 on June 25th and 26th in Chicago. Join him in his session on “Moving the Needle: Test What Matters.” See the full agenda and read more about this session. Follow Keith on Twitter to say hello and do some pre-conference networking.

P.S. Regular Pricing for Conversion Conference Chicago ends Friday, June 22, 2012. Don’t wait the last minute, register now to enjoy some savings while you still can (and before passes are gone!).

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