Converting From the Back Of A Book

By Jim F. Kukral
(Guest Post)


I write books to convert leads and sales. Ok, that’s one of the reasons I write books. I also write books because I love to do it, and it’s fun to teach what I know so that I can help other people accomplish their goals and live their dreams.

If you haven’t written a book yet, or even if you have, you may not have realized how powerful of a conversion tool it can be for you products and services. Here are the ways that I use my books to convert sales and leads and publicity for my businesses and brands.


It’s A Digital World Now

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon has said that “For every 100 print books we sell online, we sell 180 digital books.” The future is digital books, and that’s great news, because you can embed links in digital books, which are clickable in eReading devices. This means that you can put linked calls to actions inside your books, allowing a reader to easily navigate over to your website or landing page or offer.


Don’t Just Sell At The End Of The Book!

Most authors make the mistake of only asking for the sale once, and at the end of the book. You know the drill. It’s the ABC, or “Always Be Closing”. I put calls to actions in my books in multiple places. The first being right after the title and copyright information. Then I’ll add one in the middle of the book as well, and of course at the end of the book immediately after they’re done reading.


Juicy Offers Convert. Boring Ones Don’t.

You know what makes a “juicy” offer? It’s something actionable. Think about the person reading your book and what they are thinking. Most likely they will say to themselves at some point, “Wow, this person is smart and funny and I should contact them.” Well, you hope they think that. Those people want to contact you. They want to meet with you. That’s GREAT news, because that’s a lead. You should be offering those people a way to get a no-cost, no obligation appointment with you. That’s juicy.

You should also be offering extra downloads of more chapters of your books, or special training videos, or exclusive access to a membership program. Make it good and juicy and make sure they realize it’s just for them, the reader of the book.


Of Course, Use A Landing Page

Don’t just toss the reader to your website. Internet marketing and conversion rules still apply. You should be driving the reader to a special landing page that hosts your offer. I create landing pages for each of my books and use them to to build email lists of people that I can tell about my future books.



A book is an amazing lead generator. If you prepare your call to action items correctly, and distribute the book to as many people as you can, you’ll find that you’ll never have to pay for advertising again. Because all of the leads and sales you need will come to you.

If you’d like to see how I convert with my books, check out any of my books at



About Jim F. Kukral

Jim F. Kukral writes books that inspire and educate readers on how to live better lives and improve their businesses on the Internet. He is the CEO of a groundbreaking book marketing agency called Digital Book Launch. He is also the founder of a free book marketing community for authors called Author Marketing Club.

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