Do you deserve an academy award for e-commerce conversion rate optimization?

Think of your favorite online shopping site.

You know, the first website you think of when you’re itching to buy something, the
one that’s on your mind when you fire up your browser and get ready to part with the money in your wallet. Or even the site you visit when you’re just depressed and want to do some “window shopping.”

Would you consider that website worthy of an e-commerce conversion award? Chances are, only a few of the websites you visit everyday are taking the effort to make your life as a customer as easy and painless as possible.

So why not honor the online retailers, web stores, or companies that make doing online transactions a breeze by nominating them to The Conversion Academy Awards?

conversion academy awards
Or, if you’re working at an e-commerce company and think that you’re doing a great job of giving your customers a better user experience –from your storefront through checkout, from desktop to mobile, from ad/email to landing pages – then enter your own website for a chance to get the nod of these conversion experts:

  • Artemis Berry, VP of Digital Retail,
  • Brian Walker, SVP of Strategy, hybris
  • Charles Nicholls, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SeeWhy
  • Charlie Cole, President & CEO, The Line
  • Mark Bartlett, Director of Customer Experience Practice, Crown Partners
  • Rick Kenney, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Demandware
  • Tim Ash, President & CEO, SiteTuners

Nominations have been extended until October 18, 2013 so hurry, see if your e-commerce website qualifies and nominate today