Do You Have a One-Track Mind for CRO Events?

Hi, Tim Ash here!

As the founder and chairperson of Conversion Conference I have been watching our industry develop for a long time.

Great news – there is more and more interest in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and new events are popping up from agencies and vendors in our industry!

Bad news – most of them feature a single track of speakers. ¬†ūüôĀ

In most aspects of our lives we look for choice and customization whenever possible. But we surrender this when attending one-track conferences. The whole day or multiple days are spent in the same room, listening to the same slate of presenters as everyone else…

Why is this bad?

  • Very limited agenda – each day will typically feature only six total solo speakers, or a cramped set of shorter sessions providing little depth
  • Less topic diversity – each session must have at least applicability to the full audience, so there is no room for specialization
  • No ability to get value if you don’t like the speaker ¬†– you are forced to sit through sessions that you do not like
  • Seeing repeat sessions – many speakers are “on the circuit” and you probably heard some of their talks or key points before at other events

So why do event organizers run one-track events?

  • They require less time to program – since there are typically fewer speakers to find and to screen
  • They save massive venue costs – each parallel¬†track room costs extra for setup, A/V staff, and room monitors
  • A belief that all people are in the same herd – that we all have the same social needs and interact in the same way

In a word it’s¬†easier¬†– such events require less thought, time, and money to put on.

I believe that you deserve more!

Since the founding of Conversion Conference in 2010 (the first full-industry CRO event series), we have organized over two dozen events across the US and in Europe.

The event has always had quality multi-track educational content at its core, and our last Las Vegas show was the highest-rated ever.

What are the advantages of a multi-track event?

  • Wide diversity of topics – broad and specialized niche topics covered in depth
  • Ability to customize your program – select the exact agenda that suits your needs and interests
  • Ability to switch sessions – if you don’t like a session, you can simply switch to another

In addition to this, you get access to so much more at Conversion Conference:

  • Three thought-provoking keynotes that make you stretch your mind
  • Birds-of-a-feather lunches so you can talk with your favorite speakers in an interactive setting
  • Great networking and parties – stand by for our special surprise activity on night one…
  • Access to top CRO companies in the expo hall – talk to them first-hand and learn about the best tools
  • More in-depth learning during your choice of three optional post-conference workshops
  • Combo-pass optional access to the parallel Email Innovations Summit
  • All of the delights and activities of exciting Las Vegas to explore with your new friends

Support choice and fight one-track events!

I hope you will join me in Las Vegas on April 19-20th, 2017 for our best event ever!

The last two years have sold out, and we expect this year will too.

Register  before Feb 28th and get FREE access to all the 2016 session videos (a $299 value) when you use  Promo Code 2016VID.

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