Hedging your bad conversion

By Jeremy Schoemaker
CEO, ShoeMoney Media

Most of you know me as ShoeMoney –  The incredibly handsome and most talented internet/affiliate marketer in the history of the internet.  Yes, as you can see I have grown more humble since the launch of my #1 best selling book (sorry I can’t turn it off).

ANYHOW – Within the last year I decided to start a new company dedicated to taking a one time website visitor, interested in your product or service, and turn them into a lifelong customer.  I am not even going to say the name of the company because I do not want you to feel like this article is pressing you to buy my service.

We do this through email and social media; building a relationship with people who came to our clients site interested in the product or services they sell.  We capture their email through a variety of ways.  Which is not really important for the point I am trying to make here.

In a couple weeks I am proud to say I will be speaking at the Conversion Conference in Chicago. But I will be coming at it from a different angle.

Normally when you hear people talk about conversion you hear things like tweak this, tweak that, change this button color, put this phone number here. Etcetcetc.  All of that is awesome but you need to spend a lot of resources on traffic to get any sort of quantitative feedback.

It is such a double edge sword and like anything else you have to spend money to make money… unfortunately you might have to spend a LOT of money to make money.

Right now your on site conversion sucks.  You don’t even know how much you should charge for your product!

What if I told you there was a way to hedge your conversion…

I deal with this every day with our clients.  In fact the worse the conversion the better we do for them.   After working with a client all of a sudden we start to count for 50% + of all of their sales.  All from traffic that was on it’s way out.

Now do I have your attention?

We do this by simply capturing the website visitor when they enter the site, offering them a discount or something else of value.  Again there are tons of ways to do this.

Now when they leave we can have a conversation with them, build a relationship with them and get them to come back and buy all through email.  This is what I have been doing for 7 years.  Guess where they go when they want to buy from an email we sent them?  The checkout page.  They are ready to buy and usually price is not a factor at this point.

About the Author

schoemakerJeremy Schoemaker, aka “Shoemoney”, is a serial entrepreneur made famous by running one of the highest-trafficked websites in the world, Shoemoney.com, and by being a pioneer in the world of internet marketing dating back to the early 2000s. He launched and subsequently sold three successful businesses –AuctionAds, FreeSEOReport, and Fighters.com — and in 2010 was named the “Most Influential Person on the Internet” by Fast Company magazine.

Jeremy has been featured in major news and media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, ABC News, Techcrunch, the New York Times, Business Week and dozens more, and earlier this year published his first book, an autobiography, called “Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The Shoemoney Story”.

See Jeremy Live!

Jeremy is presenting “The Hard Sell: Converting One-Time Visitors into Customers” at Conversion Conference Chicago 2013, June 11-13. See the session description and register today! 

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