Highlights from the Inaugural Conversion Conference Chicago, June 25-26, 2012

Last Monday, June 25, we planted the proverbial stake in the ground by holding an inaugural Conversion Conference (ConvCon) in Chicago. We’re proud to say that the event was a huge success: it drew conversion freaks geeks from over 124 companies and nine countries. We’re always amazed by the brilliance of ConvCon speakers and attendees and would like to thank everyone who joined us at the conference. We trust that most of you came out of ConvCon with your brains splattered all over the wall (we mean that in a nice way, of course) and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Now, to inspire jealousy among those who missed all the action, here’s a quick rundown of Conversion Conference Chicago highlights:

Keynote Presentations – Bet you knew the keynote presentations would be at the top 🙂 Our powerhouse presenters Tim Ash (CEO, SiteTuners) and Amy Africa (CEO, EightbyEight) blew everyone’s minds with insights on how our primitive brains react to web elements. In fact, Amy shared massive information that some attendees complained…about getting hand cramps from having to take down so much notes!

Breakout Sessions – If you followed the #convcon hashtag on twitter, then you know that attendees couldn’t stop tweeting about their favorite sessions. Check out the key takeaways from this live tweet stream: http://hashtaghighlights.com/index.php?hashtag=34&tagname=%23convcon

Live Website and Landing Page Reviews – The Live Website Reviews continue to be a crowd favorite. This time around, Tim Ash joined forces with Charles Nicholls (Chief Strategy Officer, SeeWhy) in battling evil rotating banners, gigantic stock photos, tigers leaping out at web visitors, and other landing page monstrosities.

General Session – Michael Summers wowed ConvCon goers by doing live eye tracking on attendee-nominated websites (with real participants to boot!) during his session on usability testing.

Sponsor Freebies – Conversion Conference sponsors and exhibitors such as Optimizely, User Testing, and ion interactive also stirred excitement with their contests and freebies.

These are just some of the most exciting parts of the two-day event. If you want to know more about the key takeaways, be sure to read the following first:

Conversion Conference Live Blog Monday AM, June 25 by Martin Smith

Conversion Conference Live Blog Monday PM, June 25 by Martin Smith

Conversion Conference Live Blog Tuesday AM, June 26 by Martin Smith

Tim Ash’ Keynote Presentation

Next, check out some cool infographics created by the Conversion Scientist during some of the sessions.

Ben Hunt’s End-to-End Conversion [Infographic] as captured by Brian Massey

Dan Siroker’s Beat the Back Button [Infographic] as captured by Brian Massey

Arnie Kuenn’s Powerful Low-Cost Video Marketing [Infographic]


Lastly, you can watch video excerpts from some of the sessions at our Youtube channel or see pictures of Conversion Conference Chicago on our Facebook page – feel free to tag yourself or your colleagues while you’re at it 😉

Next stop: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Want to experience Conversion Conference for yourself? Join us in Florida on October 9-10. Save a lot when you register under Super Early Bird rates from now till July 20th, Friday.

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