Pooh, Doggcrapp, Fishing: Reasons to Come Hear Me Speak at the Conversion Conference

By Nik Rajpal
VP of Client Services, Exclusive Concepts


Noted honey expert, Winnie the Pooh, once said “Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.” 

A classic problem with many conversion optimization programs is that they lack direction in the hunt for winning ideas.  It often boils down to a lack of: (1) reasons for ideas – and (2) validation of whether those ideas were meaningful to your business.

Why not change approaches?  Too much extra work!  The easiest of conversion optimization programs take out the first few steps of analysis and theory – and the last few steps of testing to validate whether an idea, analysis or theory was effective and actually improved the business in the end.

Two paths to conversion optimization

When adding all those extra steps, it seems like efficiency would take a backseat to a steadfast commitment towards effectiveness.  That’s not the truth – it’s just a really good possibility.  But it’s breakable!

On October 10th, at the Conversion Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, I’ll have the honor of speaking on this topic.  Like Pooh Bear, my topic will focus heavily on loyalty.  In marketing operations, the virtue of loyalty can lead to major wins.

Being loyal to concepts, theories and analyses that have treated you well over the years are at the center of successful conversion optimization: where operational efficiency, the throughput of tests within a period of time, meets marketing effectiveness, the quality of test ideas.  Being loyal to data and statistical validation will not only lead you in the right direction, it will help confirm that you’re covering real ground.

So We Will Be Covering…

I don’t plan on blowing your mind with knowledge I possess – I plan on filling your mind with it; not with the tactics that have anecdotally shifted the meter for some websites I’ve worked with, but the reasons that are worth visiting time-and-time-again and have gotten results for the people who trust me (and the team at Exclusive Concepts) to guide them.  And – we’ll cover the workflows that fuel the efficiency aspects of a conversion program.

As a focal point of the presentation, we’re going to go on an adventure to explore some of the best analyses to visit (and be loyal to) when choosing ideas for your testing calendar – and how they each fit within an ideal, efficient conversion workflow.  I literally went back to the drawing board (hope you like my Bevis and Butthead style sketching) to introduce some analyses we’ll cover:

For SEO spiders and those of you with browser issues – here’s a text version:

  • The Blindfold Analysis – It’s like the Matrix.  We’ll look at numbers across the screen and will visualize conversion opportunities and ideas without even looking at a site.
  • The Shopping Analysis – We’ll open up our minds to dissecting brains.  There’s a bridge connecting the island of purchase conception to the island of purchase birth, and all the gaps and roadblocks are easy to spot.  I’ll show you how to find them and what to do when you do.
  • The Persona Analysis – Zap!  We’ll discuss how to shock your visitors into buying when they’re otherwise lazily perusing.

So i shouldn’t just focus on implementing all tactics?

Tactics are gold – they’re just not all right for you.  Let’s explore.

If you are a gym buff and an extravert, then maybe you’ve gone down this road before: Ask 4 different guys that are in great shape what they do to maintain, and they’ll probably give you very different answers.

While Rocky Balboa would cite split training, Dante Trudel would refer to his DoggCrapp workout, the Spartans-that-could would explain their 300 routine, and the marine would make you drop and give him 50.  All worthy approaches that often are in direct conflict of one another – like the tattoos on Aldous Snow.

From what I’ve read, Rocky wanted to get big, eat heavy and get cut at the same time – plus he had the resources of time to get there.  Dante wanted to overcome his strength plateau and increase his rep rate for particular weight levels.  The Spartans wanted to build camaraderie while staying focused on their “core” for chiseled abs.  The marine didn’t always have access to a gym.  They all had different reasons for choosing the path that they did.

If Dante did 300, he would lose strength and size; if Rocky did DoggCrapp, he would lose his “ripped”-ness and be done with his workout in only 45 minutes, with an entire day left for training with nothing to do.  Based on different goals, a person might want to combine ideas, or cross some off to find their ideal blend.

Now that you feel guilty for skipping the gym this week, let’s get back to conversion…

Let’s draw some continuity here.  If you asked 4 online marketers what they’ve done to increase conversion rates, they will give you soooooo many different answers.  And you’ll do what with that – implement them all?  Sometimes, advice from two individuals conflicts entirely: “Your search bar is very distracting – I’m going blind” says one conversion expert, while the other bellows “Why isn’t your search bar the #1 thing I see on your page?  This is horrible!  My 4 year old could have told you that.”

Stick to building a sense of reasons for a conversion change, not just a list of “guaranteed” tactics – good, theoretically-sound reasons.  Figure out where you want to focus your efforts, and what challenges you want to overcome first.  From that, you may revisit a library of tactics as possible solutions for those areas.

Knowing what questions to ask and what theories to consistently visit will result in a much more impactful and worthwhile set of solutions to your conversion needs.  It will also help you filter out tactics, advice and suggestions that are not worth your time.  This will provide your program with more effectiveness, and will instill a sense of workflow, even at the early levels of idea conceptualization.  That workflow will provide a backbone for efficiency.

Sea Creatures and Ancient proverbs

So get ready and find your seat – on October 10th, at the Conversion Conference, I plan on teaching each of you a few things that will provide you insights and conversion ideas (and their reasons) for life – years later, we may sit together and chat about all the different types of fish you’ve caught – and we’ll reminisce on that fine day in Ft. Lauderdale where I first taught you to fish.

See ya there.  Don’t forget your jigs and chum – it’s gonna be a wet one!

About the Author

As the VP of Client Services, Nik has been building the retainer marketing business of Exclusive Concepts since 2008, achieving Inc 5000 level growth each year since. He manages a team of 30 that cater to an ecommerce clientele of over 150.

Mr. Rajpal is instrumental in developing, managing and marketing services that cover 4 key areas of his expertise: SEO, PPC, conversion and email marketing. Nik is a noted speaker and public figure in the ecommerce space, primarily regarding his expertise in SEO and consumer behavior.

Prior to Exclusive Concepts, Nik was the SEO Manager at a top 5 poker site, president of a hip hop record label, and digital marketer in the non-profit sector. He enjoys making music, weight training and cooking.

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