Session Preview: Marketing Apps – The Next Must-have Weapon in Your Conversion Arsenal with Mary D’Alatri-Ward

How marketers think online users behave vs real online behavior

We digital marketers have been through a lot in these last few years. We’ve had to cope with rapid changes in the socio-cultural and technological landscape: the increasing ordinary-ness of mobile and social, and the changing habits, whims, and values of an always-on, always-connected consumer.

And yet, our basic problem as marketers remains the same: How do we capture and keep the interest of our visitors?

The bad news is that there is massive content on the web and our user’s attention is very much limited. So we can safely say that we have the same problem; Only this time, the difficulty level has gone up a notch. Or even higher, given the content overload that our audience experiences daily on the web.

Enter marketing apps, which, according to advocates, cantransform your static content into a useful digital experience.” They can potentially help us cut through the clutter and noise of the gazillions of content produced every day. They can help our landing pages stand out in the sea of cookie-cutter pages on the web.

Hey, we can finally practice user-centered design by putting out content that our visitors actually find useful and delightful!

So how do you get started?

Meet Mary D’Alatri-Ward

If you’ve been wondering how you can re-energize your digital marketing, then you should meet Mary D’Alatri-Ward.

200x200_MaryMary is the VP of accounts at ion interactive, leading their client services and production teams. Prior to joining the ion team, Mary served as the Director of Client Services and Development for an online marketing agency focusing on search engine optimization and paid search. This has given her extensive knowledge of the entire online buying cycle and how to create a high-impact integrated marketing plan.

Mary can answer your darnedest questions, such as “will marketing apps really solve my engagement problem?” Or “Does it mean that if I shift to marketing apps, I won’t need a landing page ever again?”

Marketing Apps: The End of the Landing Page?

The concept of parting from trusty landing pages would doubtless shock some marketers. But if you’re willing to take some risk to explore this opportunity for deeper engagement and user interaction, you should join this lively and controversial discussion.

In this session, Mary will reveal why some marketers are saying that landing pages are an outdated concept that should be replaced with personalized and engaging “Maketing Apps.” You’ll learn why marketing apps are the next “must-have” weapon in your conversion optimization arsenal.

You will walk away with practical ideas on how to start using them as springboards to launch into the rest of your marketing landscape.

Join us at Conversion Conference Chicago this June!

Make plans to join Mary at her Conversion Conference Chicago session. Great news: You can still save with early bird rates when you register by May 9th.

If you’ve already registered for the Chicago event, don’t forget to check the agenda for other must-attend presentations!

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