Templatezone’s Justin Rondeau talks about being in the “Belly of the Beast”

Next in our Conversion Conference speaker Q&A sessions is Justin Rondeau Director of Marketing, at Template Zone which develops & markets desktop applications & services for small business & entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide software solutions that streamline business productivity such as email marketing templates, Microsoft Office templates, business plan & employee handbook templates. We create easy-to-use tools & services that help small businesses achieve a big business look on a small business budget.

1) What do you think is currently a hot trend in optimization or conversion?

I think the current hot trend in optimization for conversions is in Social. People have been increasing conversions on search by creating landing pages and micro sites, and these tactics work. However, as marketers we need to be forward thinking. There are so many different tools being developed to gather new data from your social sites. The real key is learning how to utilize tools together to increase brand awareness and ultimately convert more users. I think sites like TweetReach, WildFire, Export.Ly and many other web based tools are all giving marketers a way to get the metrics necessary to lead customers through the social nurture process and convert them.

2) What would you say is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to optimization?

People aren’t testing as often as they should, or in most cases aren’t testing at all. I also believe there is a fine line between proper testing frequency and over testing.

3) Which speaker(s) are you most excited to hear, beside yourself, at Conversion Conference East?

I am always a fan of Amy Africa, she is to the point and very ‘a matter of fact’. She will hose you down with information in the mobile space, and give you the kick you need to get mobile right.

4) What’s your favorite restaurant to visit while in New York?

I am actually not a frequenter of New York, being from Boston it is like being in the belly of the beast. My first time in New York City was in August when I was speaking at the Affiliate Summit. All restaurant suggestions are welcome!

More about Justin

Justin Rondeau, Director of Marketing, TemplateZoneJustin Rondeau graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with a BA in Philosophy. Though Justin studied Philosophy he found his niche in marketing while doing the copywriting for TemplateZone and found great success in analyzing social media trends. Justin believes that philosophy is what has made him so successful in the marketing field because philosophy, like marketing, requires rigorous analysis and an ever evolving approach. Justin directs social media strategy and email marketing for TemplateZone and its suite of services, including High Impact Designer. His expertise on landing pages and Facebook page layouts was instrumental in shifting the product mix offered by TemplateZone, in addition to setting a new course for the company’s marketing and branding.

See Justin Live!

Justin will be presenting a session with William Leake, of Apogee Results, on “Social Success: Using Facebook as a Landing Page & Converting in the Social Eco-system” at Conversion Conference East 2011 in New York City. See the full agenda and read more about this session. Also check out Justin’s new product site High Impact Designer.

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