The Road to Higher Conversion

road to higher conversion

Prioritization is hard, even for conversion professionals with years of experience. For newcomers, this can become downright daunting.

There’s split and multivariate tests, the need to evaluate whether or not a full web site redesign is required, and planning the the user experience for multiple devices and screen sizes. But that’s not the end of it.

How do conversion professionals and online marketers decide which one takes up the most time at any given stage?

A Proven Path

There are no silver bullets in this space. There are, however, elements you’ll be able to observe in mature conversion practices that work well over time: consistency and process excellence.

So whether you’re just starting to pave the road or are trying to fix potholes in customers’ online experiences, the infographic below can help you organize your thoughts – and your processes – around conversions:


Of course, in practice, the optimization road isn’t always as neat or straight as we’d all like it to be. Even the most well laid out conversion plans change where the rubber hits the road – but the guidelines do help you get a sense of where you are in the process.

If you haven’t acknowledged that there are crippling usability issues when the data indicates otherwise, you’ve got miles to go ahead. If you’re past the acknowledgement phase, it helps to know whether you should be planning for split tests or fixing the mobile UX.

Once you know the next steps, implementing them is no picnic either. But if you have the courage to get behind the wheel, then put your conversion machine in gear and start driving the success of your online campaigns.


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