Top Conversion Optimization Resolutions for the New Year: Behavioral Targeting & Personalization

Just like you, we’re looking forward to the beginning of another year. As a tribute to one of the most enduring traditions around this time, we asked online optimization experts this question: “Which website optimization effort/s businesses should focus their skills and resources on next year to improve conversions (and the bottomline)?” We’re publishing their answers the entire month in the countdown to 2013 so stay tuned for more resolution must-haves in our upcoming posts 😉

Today’s CRO resolution must-have is from Mike Perla, Director of Conversion Optimization & Creative at Fathom Online Marketing:

“Businesses should invest in services and systems that enable behavioral targeting and deployment of more personalized content on their website.  Relevance plays a huge role in conversion optimization and not all visitors are equal.  A return visitor is different from a new visitor and a returning visitor who has previously converted on a site is different than a return visitor who has yet to convert. Therefore, being able to display content and offers based on past activity or geographic location can result in huge wins.

For instance, instead of displaying the same, static whitepaper offer to a returning visitor who has already downloaded the document, that space can be used to promote an additional action that moves that visitor further through the buying cycle.  Another example would be altering a headline or call-to-action based on a visitor’s geographic area: “Trusted by more Ohioans than any other loan service provider.”

More about Mike

As Director of Conversion Optimization & Creative, Mike Perla heads the conversion rate optimization and website design teams of Fathom Online Marketing. He joined Fathom in 2006 with more than 10 years of experience as a designer and developer for both online and print media. Right after joining the company, Mike led Fathom’s rebranding and was instrumental in the launching of its video production department.

Mike has managed and directed high-traffic website designs. He has also developed proprietary Flash applications and has been involved in the promotion of best practices for conversion rate optimization, web design, persuasive copywriting, persona development and market positioning.



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